Do you want to continue living like this?

You need help, don't you?

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You're the one who should be worried.


I think he makes money by selling fish.

Hot air expands and spreads out and it becomes lighter than cool air. When a balloon is full of hot air it rises up because the hot air expands inside the balloon.

Must I answer in English?


Mitchell never stays long.


It took me ages to get through that book she lent me.

"I'll bring my dog along, so you can meet him." "What?! Don't you dare bring that animal here!"

That's gratitude for you.

I have something to do this afternoon.

I want to do it right this time.

He always gets home at 6:00 p.m.

The youngest daughter is exceptionally beautiful.

I think we should stop now.

We haven't made any changes yet.

We have to postpone our departure.

I found it easy to find the building.

I don't know what happens here.

How do I stop Juri?

I found the book easily though it was dark in the room.

Darkness still covered the valley.

Gee, it sure is boring around here!

I suggested that to Sid.

Lynnette didn't come home that night.

They stayed at home because it was very cold.

He is making tea.

Geoffrey Jackson practically built this town.

I don't like talking in front of people.

Let's get started anyway.

She lost her memory in a traffic accident.

Don't forget to say thank you.


You shot Sandra twice.

Everyone ate breakfast in the kitchen.

Moe explained it in detail, but I still don't understand it.

I'm sure Uri will want to go with us.

Man is the hunter, woman is his game.


I knew that was her.


"Negro" is an offensive word.

Show Jared the picture.

Near the forest stands an isolated house.

Son had trouble getting his suitcase opened.

The men were carrying the boy to the hospital.

Don't be such a pessimist.

He would like to have another cup of coffee.

I usually use hearts of palm in my recipes.

I wonder where that ship is headed.

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I changed my mind about dinner. I'm not really hungry right now.

The weather wasn't favourable to us.

That's why Luis won.

Corey is a very capable person.

I've been under considerable pressure to resign.

I've got some cookies.

I saw a wonderful fall there.


Cary was supposed to be at school today, but he wasn't.

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We both are friends.

Should we forgive our enemies? God will forgive them! Our task is simply to make sure they meet.

Hubert called Vistlik to tell her that he might need her help later in the afternoon.

Pinocchio turned and saw a large cricket crawling slowly up the wall.

This is going to be a challenge.

Cellphones don't work in the tunnel.

Jose helped Carl with the housework.

I didn't know I was adopted.

But Dima would never wear the glasses. Suddenly, his body went limp and he collapsed to the floor.

I don't call it colonization, I call it systematic raw materials exploitation.

I want what's best for you.


It revolts me.

How long have you been chasing Kory?

Are you losing weight?

Leora's right eye is twitching again.

It could have been any of us.

She was pleased to be treated as a guest.

Kevin maintained eye contact with Donne.

We're happy together.

I saw her at the station five days ago, that is, last Friday.


Brad doesn't know as many people here as me.

That word can't be found in such an incomplete dictionary as this.

Lester taught Giovanni how to cook.


Wait until after I come back.


What am I looking at?

We're new in town.

The kitchen in that house is very nice.

Feeling tired after his walk in the country, he took a nap.

The best books are the ones you write yourself.

I need to speak to Pia now.

Teresa can't talk to you right now.

Milo says it's OK.

It seems that everybody wanted one of those.

What could possibly be that important?

Because tomorrow is a holiday from school, we plan to go on an excursion.

She lost count.

I got a new jacket yesterday.

I hope this plan works.

He's a gigolo.

It isn't so good with money as bad without it.

I heard this movie is cool.


The Internet, cell phones, or digitization... What effects will the technological evolution have on people's opinions, behavior, and political interests?

I have a tattoo on my left shoulder.

She owns many valuable works.

How long is a class?

Deirdre threw the phone against the wall.

He got himself up as Santa Claus.

Nancy, your fly's open.

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It's midday.

I really do hope we can still be friends.

With animals I wish to live my life; they're such great companions!

There are various ways to get to her house.

Nothing can be worse than that.


You're not a very good mechanic.

He put all his heart and soul into it.

She saw a boy kneeling by the altar.


I wouldn't want to speculate.

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That hat looks good on Johnnie.


He just brushed aside any objections to the proposal.


Do you remember the night you were attacked?


Get out of here right now.

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Jennifer thought Gregory's skirt was way too short.


We captured her.

What kind of food do you like to cook?

We will not surrender.

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She loves to gossip.


Kazuhiro sent Gregge a Christmas card.

Jayant is teasing.

I've never seen her happier.

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They live in a small house.

He went to sleep at six o'clock and he is still sleeping.

She always clears the table after a meal.

Some of them are red; others are brown.

She realized her ambition to become a great scientist.

How did we get to this point?

Stay down!

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You're untrustworthy.

Are you interested in anyone in your class?

I don't know what you're looking for.


Don't find fault with others.

I wrote to my teacher in English.

Simon's funeral will be this weekend.


Blake didn't say where or when to meet him.

Thank God nobody died.

Matti has lived in New York since he was a child.

You can't ask me to do this.

Cynthia can't defeat me.

If only there were no tests.

A fund was launched to set up a monument in memory of the dead man.

This room measures 20' X 24'.

These foods are associated with ethnic groups.

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Dave wanted to know how to say "thank you" in French.


Slender and form-fitting with a high cut, the new qipao contrasted sharply with the traditional one.

I trusted you with my secret and you betrayed me.

Raman hasn't been able to contact Pieter by phone.


Michael continued to live a simple life in Boston.

I'd like to sing you a song.

I'm a tennis player.

Don't push me.

The Dead Sea is a salt lake with the most saline water on earth.

And that's the dilemma.

My father's sister's husband is my uncle.


She may have told a lie, but she didn't mean any harm.

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Your handwriting is messy.

I taught Debbie how to survive.

Some developing countries are faced with financial crises.

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What did Franklin talk to you about?

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I want you to suffer.